Research without limits. Anytime. Anywhere

Ooh, Shiny! Can I Touch?

Attract more respondents to your project. SURVEO lures respondents to participate by using cutting edge technology "gadgets". Who can resist the seducing entertainment that they provide?

Online? Offline? NO PROBLEM!

Research can be conducted at any location. Data is stored in the device and automatically submitted whenever an internet connection is available. This process is entirely transparent to the researcher with no manual input needed.

Shortcut to Precision

Project execution is optimized by automated data submission. There is no need for double data entry, saving data collection time and eliminating any transcription errors that occur using manual methods.

An Interactive Clipboard in Every Researcher's Pocket

Goodbye clipboards! Available on Android and Apple devices, now your researchers have an electronic research clipboard with them all the time, enabling full mobility. Send them more projects while they are on the go without the need to return to the office.