Unbiased accuracy as never before

Remove Respondent Bias

PLAY A SURVEY! Make the survey interesting and enjoyable, using entertainment to involve respondents on an emotional level and generate genuine responses.

Remove Interviewer Bias

CUT THE MIDDLE MAN! Provide the survey directly to the respondents using interactive media to take any interviewer influence out of the equation.

Remove Survey Bias

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS! Incorporate vivid graphics and animations instead of long boring text to maintain respondent focus and eliminate comprehension errors.

Eliminate Fraud

RESULTS YOU CAN DEPEND ON! Know exactly where and when your responses are given with time and GPS stamping on each response. Gesture detection separates genuine responses from invalid ones to provide you with only the relevant data.

Surveo Mobile App

The specialized SURVEO mobile app helps you manage your projects on Apple and Android tablets.

Blueprint the Universe in your research

Set quotas for the demographics you want to represent in your sample. Extrapolate with confidence knowing your sample has the same characteristics as the universe.