Sophisticated analytics made easy

Total Analytics Straight Out of the Box

SURVEO aggregates and analyzes data immediately after submission, sending it directly to your clients through a simplified online interface.

  • Access to Real-time results
  • Enabled Automated analysis

Unparalleled Visualization

SURVEO gives project overviews at a glance. View detailed charts for each question with a single click. Instantly assess data accuracy on multiple levels with built-in indicators.

  • Randomness meter indicator
  • Sample size indicator
  • Response rate indicators
  • Answer distribution indicators
  • Statistical Error indicator

Automated Correlation and Dependency Analysis

SURVEO does all the work for you, calculating the interaction between every pair of questions and delivering the most significant results automatically to your client.

  • Correlations Calculation
  • Significance Calculation
  • Cross tabulations Charts

Dig Deeper to the Fundamentals

With the in-built filters it is easy to drill down and uncover vital decision making information. Reports are dynamically updated as filters are applied.

  • Questions and Answer Filtering
  • Cross tabulation drill down

Vintage Reports for Modern Clients

Remember the good old days when you needed to generate a 300 page report? With SURVEO you still can by simply selecting which analytic elements to include. Automatic calculation, vivid graphics and analytics are displayed exactly as shown online. Print, or view the entire report with one click.

Keep on Top of the BUZZ

Gain powerful insights into your respondent's emotions and thinking from their choice of words. SURVEO's automated analysis reduces the research burden by aggregating thousands of open-ended questions into an intuitive Word Cloud.

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Synonym grouping
  • Word Cloud Charts

Eagle Eye Your Project

SURVEO visualizes analytical data based on geographic data. It is automatically captured in every survey to easily make regional comparisons.

  • Heat map with response rates
  • Word cloud with geographical relevance
  • Answer distribution with geographical relevance